Our Program

Our primary goal is to make sure that our students learn the Word of God. To do this we integrate biblical truth into every subject and every activity from preschool through high school.  At each stage of development our students are exposed to Christ’s teachings in every subject. In preschool we teach the Bible through stories, puppets, songs, acting, sharing, helping, and showing kindness. When our students reach elementary school, Bible becomes one of their core subjects. Once in junior high school, students take a daily Bible class and also have opportunities to be a part of various discipleship groups and clubs. In high school, our students begin their first year with an in-depth study of the New Testament. As students grow in their faith and reach their second and third years of high school, they have the opportunity to choose between six different Bible electives. As seniors in high school, our students prepare to enter the college environment with all the necessary skills to defend their faith by taking a course called Christian Life Skills.


In addition to Bible classes, we also offer a weekly chapel for all of our students. Each year our school has a different theme that shapes what we teach in chapel. Our chapels include times of worship as well as teaching from the pastoral staff of Big Valley Grace Community Church and other guest speakers. The chapels for each phase of our school are age appropriate and tailored to the spiritual needs of our students. When students reach high school they are offered a diverse number of options in chapel for their growth. High school chapels range from Q&A sessions with theologians, to times spent alone in scripture, to times spent in worship. Every high school student is also part of a small group that meets every week with a teacher for prayer and discipleship.


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