Learn about Tuition Assistance

The School Board at Big Valley Christian School is aware that many families have been affected by the recent economic downturn. In an effort to make a Christian education affordable to as many as possible, the School Board is pleased to offer tuition assistance to those who qualify. 


We have enlisted the services of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help us evaluate requests for financial aid.FACTS works with nearly 5,000 educational institutions and over a million families each year. 


FACTS processes and recommends tuition assistance based on a thorough and professional financial needs assessment. FACTS provides third party objectivity and will make a recommendation to the School Board who will in turn make the final decision regarding tuition assistance awards.  

To apply for tuition assistance, you must complete the following steps:

Complete the 2014-15 BVCS registration materials (available in the school office) and turn them in
    with the registration fee. 

     If you have never applied for Tuition Assistance, you must contact Marsha Holbrook at
    527-3481 for details about tuition awards. 

If you are re-applying for Tuition Assistance, you do not need to contact Mrs. Holbrook again,
    but you must complete the FACTS online application again each year.

    After registration materials are turned in, registration fee is paid, and you have talked with Mrs. 
    Holbrook, click on the link below to the FACTS website to complete your online application. A  
    $30 application fee is required by FACTS and is not refundable.


     After you have completed the FACTS online application, you will receive a confirmation email
    requesting documentation to be submitted to FACTS. Be sure your documentation has the
    school name on it.

If you have questions about the FACTS application process or about the tuition assistance program, please contact Marsha Holbrook at 527-3481.  

                               Click on FACTS logo to apply

APPEALS: To submit an appeal to the School Board regarding your tuition assistance award, please CLICK HERE